Jellybaby is an Ebay find; her PO was a very nice lady just a couple of hours away in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio.

Jellybaby began life as a MK III Sprite. She came upon sad days and sorely needed a restoration; fortunately, the PO's dad found her and rescued her. He and the PO restored Jelly.

Turns out a retired Austin-Healey mechanic lived around their corner; he did the work on Jellybaby. In the process, he replaced darn near everything. He upgraded the motor to a 1275cc from the original 1098cc, too (and that's why she's a Mk III 1/2).

Jelly's main function was to parade around -- literally! The PO drove her in local parades and showed up all the Miata's!

I plan to use Jellybaby as a daily driver about half the year. My Porsche 944 will be wintercar, Jelly will do summer duty. Of course, in Texas the summer's are about 10 months long!


Although Jelly's in pretty spritely shape, I do have a few plans for changes. To begin, I want to change her from positive ground to negative ground; I'd like to convert her from a generator to an alternator, and I also want to switch her from points to electronic ignition. My mechanical ability just about qualifies me to operate a can opener (but not a fax machine). I'll report on the progress as it happens, along with the information sources I'll use, tools, problems (!!!), successes, etc.

Why Jellybaby

Several years ago we took a ski trip to Aspen. The ski centers were served by a collection of brightly painted busses; they were locally known as the "Jellybean Busses". Well, their lime green matches this little Austin Healey's lime green -- so "Jellybaby" it was (it is Brit after all -- so Jellybaby rather than Jellybean!)